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      • New Pizza place in Inman Square

        Lily  • 579
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      All Star Pizza Bar; 1238 Cambridge St, at Prospect; Inman Square; The brothers behind All Star Sandwich Bar are opening a pizza place. Drinks include pitchers of red sangria, PBR by the bucket, or one of six taps including Long Trail, BBC Steel Rail, and Harpoon Summer. You can either design your own pizza with over 20 toppings (chorizo, garlic confit, white Sicilian anchovies, etc.), or grab one of their 16inch thin-crusters like the Buffalo sauce'd Duck Confit w/ Maytag blue cheese, the De-Constructed Chile Relleno (tomatillo salsa, cotija, poblano & chorizo), or a breakfast version with hominy-ricotta grits, maple sausage, soft-baked eggs, cheese, and even pickled chiles
      Lily  • 579
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