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      • wagyu burger spot coming to Greenwich Village...

        Roark  • 499
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      Greenwich Village will be the home of the first Umami Burger in New York City at 432 Avenue of the Americas at 10th Street. Founder and chief executive Adam Fleischman told Diner's Journal, "New Yorkers keep asking for them, and now you'll finally have them." The New York location of Umami Burger, the first of several planned East Coast outposts, will open in March and have 60 seats. Umami Burger has 14 locations in California, boasting waiter service, full bars and more than a dozen different burgers, mostly priced from $10 to $14. Umami burgers use American wagyu, blending and ground in-house to create six-ounce patties. Seared to medium-rare, the burgers are topped with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes and a Parmesan crisp.
      Roark  • 499
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