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      • Greenpoint Restaurants 

        Any restaurant recommendations in Greenpoint Brooklyn?

        Ludlow  • 647
      Any restaurant recommendations in Greenpoint Brooklyn?
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      Boneshakers is a really good spot. It's a low-key coffee shop where tattooed bike types hangout, but the food is great. Mostly sandwiches. Lots of veggie / vegan options.

      Brooklyn Label is another coffee shop. Awesome brunch, but a tad expensive.

      Christina's is a Polish place that is really authentic. Feels like you're in a different country. Lots of fun.

      Eat is supposedly one of the best Greenpoint restaurants. Haven't been there yet.

      Lokal is a mediterranean spot. Good food. Packed during summers because of the outdoor seating.

      Papacito's is a decent taco place. I think it's overrated, but it's better than most.

      Vinnies Pizza. It's just a little pizza place, but they have crazy pies with bizarro toppings. They make a pierogi slice that is really good.

      For real sit-down, date night type restaurants, you are generally better off in Williamsburg rather than Greenpoint. Tons more options. "
      Dagny  • 539
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      I can name maybe 2:Mission Dolores Which isn't necessarily greenpoint., Miranda and Eat is one of the best Greenpoint Restaurants .. why not try Williamsburg, there maybe be hipsters but passed that.. Some amazing food such as,:Pies-and-thighs, 1 or 8 and the Whiskey Brooklyn "
      Zoe  • 576
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      Check out Habitat in Greenpoint.  It's great
      Robert  • 309
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