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      Angel's Share is located inside Village Yokocho at 8 Stuyvesant St in the east village. It's kinda confusing at first to find the place, but it's there. You walk in and it's a nice cozy place, dimly lit bars and very RELAXING. a good wine selection and if you're looking for classy and intimate it's what you want.
      Francisco  • 715
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      check out the place called Immigrant. it's my favorite wine bar in the east village. 341 E 9th St (between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave) they serve a wide variety of wines and beers, and cheeses. Nothing too complicated. This is the perfect spot for a quiet evening with friends, or for a date. The atmosphere is dim lit and cozy, very intimate. They also have little apps you can order.
      Lily  • 579
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