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      • the first Pudding only restaurant opens in the east village!

        Nickolai  • 1284
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      A pudding-only restaurant is opening in the east village its called "Puddin' NYC" and it features pudding variety of flavors and even gives the classics an ornate twist. It's not any regular chocolate pudding - it's made with 70 percent Icelandic chocolate, and even the vanilla is made with beans hailing from Madagascar. Lemon, coconut, butterscotch and rice pudding dusted with Vietnamese cinnamon also make their way on to the menu, and all are made fresh daily. These flavors can be mixed and matched in a variety of parfait combinations and finished with your favorite topping. Red velvet cake, old-fashioned peanut brittle and marshmallow creme or only a few out of 19 total, and they're all made in-house. Puddin' NYC: 102 St. Marks Pl., near First Ave.
      Nickolai  • 1284
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