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      • Looking for a classy place for drinks and/or food in Harvard Square?

        Robert  • 309
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      Check out Park. 59 JFK St, btwn Winthrop and Elliot; Harvard Square; the crew behind Grafton Street/Russell House Tavern has deftly changed directions, transforming the former Redline into a more distinguished tavern meets cocktail lounge meets neighborhood eatery meets supper club slinging New American vittles alongside beer, and bourbon. divided into four sections: a) the tavern, anchored by a 30-seat dark oak, horseshoe-shaped bar & red leather booths; b) the den, with an arched, exposed brick ceiling, leather armchairs and a sofa flanked by shelves showcasing vintage books, typewriter, etc; c) the fireplace-warmed classroom, fittingly outfitted with chalkboard walls and pull-down maps of Harvard Square at four different points in history; and d) a private back room decorated with framed '60s/'70s music pics, fabric walls, and chairs with zebra patterns 50-plus beers
      Robert  • 309
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