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      • Fried Gator and Bourbon Ale! New southern restaurant in Harvard Square

        Nickolai  • 1284
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      A new eatery called First Printer (13-15 Dunster St, btwn Mass Ave and Mt Auburn; Harvard Square) specializing in regional seafood and new American sustenance with a Southern flair, all on a historic site that purportedly once housed British America's first printing press. 10 Beers on draft (Rapscallion Blessing, Cisco Whale's Tale, Brooklyn Lager) and 20 bottles (Kronenbourg 1664, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Full Sail, 22oz of JK's Scrumpy) eats include wild boar carbonara with smoked Gouda, bourbon-ale-braised pork shank w/ smashed potatoes, to a Swamp Bowl chock-full of fried gator, frog legs & steamed crawfish. that's sided with seasoned pork belly chips.
      Nickolai  • 1284
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