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      • Is there a watch repair shop certified to work on RADO near Boston, MA?

        Midas  • 338
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      Two possibilities come to mind: Tourneau in the Copley Square mall specializes in high end watches and they've worked on my Movado. Good work and prices. The Swiss Watch co. On Church Street in Harvard Square - the only guy I trust with my vintage Omega. Good luck!
      Hank  • 154
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      I don't think there is a Rado official repair store or sale in Boston area, but you can try one of the local stores most of them are good in what they do, if you still have warranty you can contact Rado and ask what's the best way to repair it. If you want try one of the local repair shops, I recommend "Brookline Watch and Clock" 233 Washington Street, Brookline Village MA, 02445 Phone: (617) 734-5615 I guess they have a website, and they often have coupons on the website, print it, and keep it with you till you heard the repair price, and then show them the coupons.
      Sarge  • 186
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